Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let me see,
When I look at her,
I see myself upon her..

how envy I am,
how dissatisfied I am,
how secret I am,
Without knowing that she might lame at me.

I didn't know whats wrong wif me
How terrible I am,
How could I do that,
Am how2 term is it...

Can I be more matured?
Can I be more professional?
Without hurting and rash someone?
So many things that I wish I could undo..

I couldn't stop u ...
Whenever it past it hurts me a lot,
On why I miss the opportunity?
Am I regret?
Am I lost my priority?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sometimes kita tfikir...
Deserve x kita dpt sume nie?
Kdg2 kita rasa tamak nk dptkan sesuatu..
tp org tamak selalu rugi..
Hidup nie kdg2 byk kerenahnya..
Bkn slalunya kita suka..
Walaupun sekuat mne kita..
Akhirnya mst ada yg kecundang..
ragam2 kehidupan xpnah terlepas dr kamus hidup kita..
Sesedih mne kita pn..
We still have someone..
Yg selalu support kita..
xkira kita ada kt mana..
Kawan, famili, sedara..
dan yg paling utama..
Tuhan yg kita sayang...